House or Home? – Outside In at Wellington House

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During the Brighton Festival, we had a curated open house.

House or Home?
The work in the exhibition at Wellington House featured five of the six artists that won awards as part of Outside In 2007: John Cull, Peter Cutts, Andrew Hood, Joel Howie and Zoe Leonard.

Houses can be a place of safety and refuge, something we often take for granted, but for people who are homeless or have experienced homelessness or live in houses not of their own choosing they can represent something very different. Many of the artists involved in Outside In live in care homes, some are housebound and others have experienced homelessness.

By their very nature of being marginalised the artists involved in this exhibition offer different interpretations of the meaning of ‘house’ or ‘home’ using a range of styles and techniques.

Wellington House Day Centre, Wellington Street, Brighton BN2 3AX

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