Inspiration: #shareartonline – A biro drawing project by Beth Hopkins

Artist and Outside In’s ambassador co-ordinator Beth Hopkins wanted to share a project that she has been working on whilst she has been stuck indoors since the outbreak.  This is large scale drawing project made in biro, which currently comprises 10 panels of A3 sized pages but is growing day by day, with each panel taking Beth a whole day to create. She says: “I think of it as a kind of puzzle fitting the pieces together and carrying one thread on from one page to the next. I sometimes work on the pages upside down or sideways, so there is no right way up.”

The whole piece so far ….

The subject of the project is the structures, systems and intersections in our bodies. Beth says: “My aim is to make it flow. It is made up of capillaries, organs, a windpipe, milk ducts, nerves, cells, muscles, the lining of the gut… I’ve included a very small coronavirus microbe and have been thinking about how the virus spreads through the body. I’ve been drawing from diagrams and microscope images, I have ignored scale and mixed tiny things with big things.”   

This is a completely new style for Beth, whose drawings are usually very free and quick, but here she has been very careful and detailed. “This is the one thing I can control in our currently completely out of control environment.” 

We would love to hear what other people are creating and projects being embarked upon. Please share with us if you would like to by emailing or sharing work on social media using the hashtag #shareartonline.


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  1. Julia Oak

    Wow, Beth that’s brilliant..
    Look forward to seeing it for real once this pandemic is over..

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  2. Carla Cannon

    Love love love this! Such an amazing concept, beautiful piece that has you transfixed as your eyes venture and discover each detail which links to the next!

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