Inspiration: Top Tips #1

Artist Clare Gravenell has kindly been working on a series of top 10 tips to share with fellow artists, to look to assist with physical and mental well-being during this time. We will be posting one of her helpful tips each day along with a cultural or creative recommendation. Very many thanks to Clare, whose first tip is below: –  

Get Fresh Air, Sunshine & Exercise …

Staying indoors for long periods of time can stagnate your vital energies so getting fresh air, sunshine and exercise energises you and makes you feel good. You can simply open a window and sit in the sunlight at home. Gently breathe the fresh air into your lungs through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth. This will open your lungs, strengthen the respiratory system and calms the nervous system. Do this several times and daily if possible. Please note if you feel light headed whilst doing this its best to stop and simply be aware of your natural breathing.

Getting sunshine/sunlight provides the body with essential Vitamin D which is good for your immune system and well-being. Do whatever exercise is appropriate to your needs and health, indoors or outdoors. Walking is great way to exercise ( please remember to keep social distance from others at all times when outside) as it does not put any strain on your body and can also have a calming effect on your mind. It’s still cold outside despite the recent sunshine, so wrap up warm to prevent catching a cold. Always be moderate with exercise. There are countless ways to exercise at home, even cleaning is a form of exercise. There is a huge resource of online You Tube videos -everything from yoga to Zumba . Or simply putting on your favourite song and having a dance is just as effective and fun too.

Outside In Creative/ cultural tip – If you are looking for something creative to do tomorrow – Wednesday 1st April –  Wellcome are hosting a Zine making session from 2-4pm  on Instagram Stories. Just tune in with paper, pens, collage material or whatever you’d like to bring to the party.  Further details here:

And link to Wellcome’s Instagram here :

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  1. Lynn-Ora Knott

    Absolutely brilliant and helpful! Also, especially at this time! I’m looking forward to more tips from Clare, tomorrow!

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