Inspiration: Top Tips #10

In the final part of this current series of well-being tips from artist Clare Gravenell combined with a cultural tip from Outside In, today we are focussing on indulging in the things we love and taking a trip to The Smithsonian…

Truly indulge in things that you love doing…

It may seem like a very strange time but it might be the only time we can truly indulge in the things that we love doing within the limits we have. In a way we have been given a time where we can do things we have always wanted to do and limitations or confinement can free us up in others areas of our lives. Whatever you love or feel passionate about, this is the time to do it without limitations to some degree. Our lives are geared to going out and socialising, more so at this time of year now the evenings are longer, so sometimes we don’t give ourselves the time do the things we love. Commitments to others or work tend to get in the way, so now we are at home we can give to ourselves more of that time and energy. And I end on this note, as our world changes beyond anything we could have imagined,  there is always a hidden gem waiting to be discovered so I wish you all to stay safe, be well and to find it!!! Clare Gravenell.

Outside In Cultural Tip: Discover a wealth of material to view at the Smithsonian Institute –

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