Inspiration: Top Tips #2

In the second of our series of posted tips, we are combining well-being advice kindly supplied by Outside In artist Clare Gravenell with a cultural or creative tip from the Outside In team. Today, we’re focussing on getting a good night’s sleep before planning a robot gallery visit or a digital trip to the world’s great galleries…

Get A Good Night’s Sleep and tips to do so..

As much as exercise helps revitalise our energies, sleep also does so but in a different way. It is restorative but also refreshes our system and sleep is another key factor in building immunity. Try and get a solid 8 hours if you can. Turning off all screens (which actually are very stimulating for the mind) can help you sleep better. It is recommended to do this 1-2 hours before you sleep. Taking a relaxing bath, listening to soothing music or the radio or reading a good book also helps induce sleep. Certain foods and drinks can have the same effect, for example hot milk, chamomile tea or a sleep easy equivalent. Bananas produce the same chemicals as your body does prior to sleeping and are a light snack to have before you go to bed.

Clare Gravenell.

Outside In Cultural Tip:  Book a Robot Tour of Hastings Contemporary… or visit great galleries around the world

In a UK first, Hastings Contemporary, an independent charitable arts organisation on England’s south coast, has teamed up with Bristol Robotics Lab to offer its members and audiences the opportunity to continue to visit the gallery and experience the best of modern and contemporary arts via the Double, a two-wheeled videoconferencing robot that can guide an operator and up to five people through real time tours of the gallery and its current exhibitions, as well as taking in the gallery’s much-loved views over the historic Stade fishing beach and English Channel.

The telepresence robot, developed by Double Robotics, provides a revolutionary solution for arts organisations such as Hastings Contemporary in overcoming barriers of isolation. The gallery is delighted that through its adoption of this technology it will be able to continue to offer opportunities to enter the gallery space from the comfort of a sofa, bed or kitchen table. To visit the gallery and be one of the first people in the UK to experience this technology please email

Or whilst you wait for your booking, you can visit various great galleries around the world online … please see further info here :

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