Inspiration: Top Tips #5

In our continuing series of well-being tips from artist Clare Gravenell and an arts-related tip from Outside In, today is all about ways to keep connected and sending in work for Grayson Perry’s forthcoming Art Club on Channel 4!

Spring Blossom – Clare Gravenell

Find ways to get connected to others and community support    groups…

I know from my own experience as an artist that we tend to spend more time alone to create and feelings of isolation are common within that experience. So now we have the added difficulty of having to all self-isolate which can intensify our feelings of isolation. Try and reach out to others more at this time and get to talk to someone whether by phone or Skype or Facetime – we are fortunate to live at a time where we have the internet as a way of connecting whilst staying at home and keeping safe. Connecting with family and friends is a good way to expressing how you’re feeling and to check in with loved ones to see how they are as well. It gives us a sense of grounded perspective when we communicate any worries or fears and also listen to others who are facing similar situations. However if certain family members or friends tend to make you feel worse after the chat then best be selective to who you talk to, always remember to do what is beneficial to your well-being as much as possible. There are also lots of support groups available online as well as mutual aid groups if you need shopping or essentials. Make phone dates part of your daily routine and things to look forward to if you’re struggling with being alone for long periods of time at home. Recently I have seen neighbours chat over balconies/ gardens / across the street within a safe distance, so make it a creative and enjoyable thing to find ways to connect and get the support you need during this difficult time.

Grayson Perry judging Outside In’s “Environments” exhibition

Outside In Cultural Tip: Grayson Perry will be hosting Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4 from 16th April at 8pm. The theme of the first show is Portraits and if you want to submit your work to be considered to be a part of the show,  you can find further info here :

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