Inspiration: Top Tips # 6

Today’s tip from artist Clare Gravenell is about keeping calm through meditation and other means,  whilst our daily creative tip is an artist activity pack put together by Antony Gormley and others that is free to download and full of ideas to try at home..

Bee-Cause – Clare Gravenell

Find ways to keep calm and reduce any anxiety or fear…

Everyone has different ways that help them keep calm. Listening to music, watching a feel-good film, singing around the house, looking at nature, being around animals, especially pets, and of course being creative are just a few examples. Find the ones that work best for you and incorporate them into a daily routine. A calming practice once a day will help relieve any fear or anxiety you might be experiencing. Be adventurous to try out new things as you might find a new state of calmness you never knew. Meditation is renowned for creating a calm and still mind. There are lots of YouTube videos available or meditation tracks online to access. It’s a simple activity I practise every day. It’s one based on observing whatever is happening in the moment. It does not matter how long you practise and there are no rules but simply to observe. It’s well known that focusing on nature, whether it be the flowers, trees or sky, helps the mind naturally relax and improves your well-being. Clare Gravenell.

Outside In creative tip:

Antony Gormley, Gillian Wearing and other artists have put together a free-to-download artist activity pack with First Site which is full of great ideas and now available here:

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