Inspiration: Top Tips #8

The next in our series of tips combines well-being advice from artist Clare Gravenell and a creative tip from Outside In. Today is about keeping a journal and teaching yourself origami…

Blackbird – The Singer – Clare Gravenell

Keep a journal and a sense of gratitude…

Even though we are making efforts to connect and communicate to others its also vital we check in with ourselves and honestly express how we are feeling. As artists we communicate more on a visual level but I would encourage you to keep a journal and write out anything your experiencing or feeling and don’t hold back. Having a dialogue with yourself and expressing your inner thoughts actually grounds your mind and also empties it out to bring a sense of release. Thoughts tend to go around and round in our minds, depleting our energy and spiralling us into negativity and depressive states. So writing them out almost can stop the circle, give you a break and prevent them from affecting your mental health. It can also give you time to reflect by having a journal and a sense of time with a daily practice so you can notice and become aware of your thoughts or feelings. One of the most profound things I have experienced is the practice of gratitude especially when I’ve been very low. Simply writing a list of things that we feel grateful for  – which could be anything from having a roof over your head or food to eat or the chat with a loved one even though you can’t see them. Suddenly you develop an ability to appreciate the things you have, situations become more bearable and we see things from a different perspective. Clare Gravenell.

Outside In creative tip: Teach yourself origami:

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