Inspiration: Top Tips #9

Today’s tips are a well-being tip from artist Clare Gravenell about heralding and enjoying the arrival of Spring, and a podcast recommendation from Outside In.

Rapessed – Clare Gravenell

Spring is finally here so enjoy the new life it brings…

Despite having limits on us right now, we can still see that there is much growth and expansion happening in nature as the buds start to appear, the birds start to heartily sing and the flowers of spring pop up. Time to give things new life indoors and out. Many people have decided to have a spring clean at home or to redecorate their living space to give a sense of newness and freshness to their environment at home which has an amazing effect on how we feel. It’s also in tune with what is happening in nature and good for our soul to connect with this energy of Spring and new life it brings at this time. You can even plant some seeds at home or go into your garden if you have one and grow something new. Even just watching nature at this time and seeing the fresh new growth to every tree, plant and flower can really improve your well-being. It can give you a sense of hope and joy to see that other things are functioning normally and are not affected by the current lockdown and restrictions on own lives.

Outside In cultural tip : Listen to a podcast – perhaps this audio history of Outsider Art:

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  1. Nadine

    So true. It makes me feel I’m on the right track. I’ve been cleaning in the house and painting the garden walls. Spending time just sitting in the garden and watching the bees on the blossom and birds on the bird feeders. As a fellow artist Clare understands the essence of studying nature and the art of just being.

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