Intern’s perspective: Behind the scenes look at exhibitions

In the second diary from Outside In intern Irene Santoro, she shares a behind the scenes perspective on the work which goes into the charities’ exhibitions and how a trip to London was a dream come true.

Irene Santoro

I can’t believe it’s June already, this first month of internship just flew by!

The past two weeks have been really busy for Outside In, there is so much work to do behind the scenes.

Mostly I have been working on the two big exhibitions opening in autumn, this job is really giving me an insight of what is like to create events and exhibitions.

The Outside In national exhibition will open later in November and the theme was announced earlier this month on the website, but behind, sitting at our desks we are all already working very hard because there are millions thing to do and time already seems short. I am supporting the exhibitions coordinator Cornelia in arranging transport and storage of the artworks, a task that require a lot of attention, artworks need to be stored properly to prevent them from ruining.

Piano Nobile Gallery, Kings Place

On Friday 31 of May I went to London with Cornelia and Melanie to see the space where the exhibition will take place. It is Piano Nobile Gallery, Kings Place, and it’s stunning! Located in a beautiful glass and white building near King Cross station, I am sure that our artists’ work will look amazing displayed there. That visit was actually my first time ever in London and I really enjoyed it, I got to see a beautiful building, met nice people such as the team from Piano Nobile and Investec, our sponsor. Plus, in my free time, I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum and I loved it! The secret is I have always dreamt of living in London, since I was a little girl, and I was thrilled to see the city of my dreams.

But the national exhibition is not the only thing we are preparing at Outside In, in autumn another exhibition will open, curated by our director Marc Steene, at the Lightbox, Woking. Supporting Marc in organising this exhibition has involved getting to see the really beautiful artworks he is selecting – such amazing works!

Irene’s photograph of the West Dean gardens

Finally one last thing that happened last week was the West dean College – Art and Crafts Festival. On Thursday  30 of May I went to West Dean College to help Lynn, the Step Up Course teacher to install a small exhibit inside the festival to show the artworks produced during the course. The course is not finished yet so the pieces are actually a work in progress, but already really beautiful. Some of the artists decided to show along with the artworks a folder with the research their doing explain where the inspiration come from. I had a lovely day at West Dean College, that place is gorgeous!

As I said really busy weeks!

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