Intern’s perspective: Time flies when you are having fun

In her third, and final, diary Outside In intern Irene Santoro looks back at her time with the charity, reveals her favourite moments and how it surpassed expectations.

Hi everyone, it’s Irene!

It’s already the end of June, unbelievable. Seems yesterday that I was writing the very first diary, just starting my internship with Outside In!

These two month went really fast, time flies when you’re having fun! 

June has been really busy: On the 12th I helped exhibitions coordinator Cornelia install the exhibition “Friedrich Nagler a personal mitology” at Hove Museum.

Irene working on the Nagler exhibition

 Personally it was one of my favourite parts of the internship. It wasn’t my first time installing an exhibition, but it’s always so exiting! During the install you discover a connection with the artworks, it’s a creative moment, playing with space and light, creating something that would enhance the artworks and transmit to the visitors, not only new knowledge but also some emotion. I am really grateful that I’ve got the chance to support on this exhibition almost from the beginning, seeing it installed was rewarding!

Share Art, Fabrica June 2019

In the past weeks I also had the chance to be deeper involved in some activities with the artists: I was able to join and support sessions of the Exploring Collection course at Pallant House Gallery, the Leading workshop course at Fabrica in Brighton and finally the Share Art event of the 25th of June also in Fabrica. During this time I had the chance to meet talented wonderful people that truly inspired me!

 Throughout the entire internship, I’ve been also doing a lot of writing of contents, posts, diaries, newsletters, writing and sharing with everyone on the website, on the social network and with many other channels.

I’ve been doing all this writing with the communications coordinator Laura, who from my first day here has been giving me the chance to get my hands dirty and share my writing! Thank you Laura!  (Click her to see Irene’s gallery selection)

And thanks to everybody from the Outside In Team, thank you Melanie and Natasha, thank you Cornelia, Kate, Hannah, Ann, Laura, José an Marc, thank you for having me, for teaching and sharing with me your job and your passion! I had a really wonderful time with you, I learnt a lot and I had fun more than I expected!

Two months have passed, July is almost here, and this experience, sadly, is ending so it’s time to say goodbye, just goodbye, not farewell!

Ciao, a presto!

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