Into Art

Intoart promotes equality of opportunity to people with learning disabilities by creating a space in which new audiences can celebrate the excellence of their artwork. They establish inclusive and empowering projects that recognise creative potential and support personal development. We identify the need, importance and benefit of access to skilled art provision for people with learning disabilities.


Tour De France Portraits 2012 featuring work by IntoArt Doreen McPherson continues at MADmusée, Belgium until 8th September 2012.


The exhibition is a collaboration from artists working in workshop enviroments from across Europe.


In total, eleven artists – Doreen Mc Pherson of the collective Intoart (London, UK), Manuela Sagona and Salvatore Pirchio workshop Blu Cammello (Livorno, I), Valerio Ciccone of the workshop Arts Project Australia (Northcote, AUS), Klaus company workshop of Zandberg (Harelbeke, B), Holger Frischkorn of the Goldstein (Frankfurt-am-Main) workshop(D), Lisa Schmidt workshop cooperation (Wiltz, L), Andrés Fernández de l'Atelier Debajo del Sombrero (Madrid, S), Yves Jules workshop campaign ' art (Neufvilles, B), Piet Schopping workshop Jans Pakhuys (Amersfoort, NL) and Philippe Langen workshop Creahm Liège (B).

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