Introducing The Outsiders

‘Introducing the Outsiders’ is the first in an ongoing programme of exhibitions that will bring the work of Outsider artists to a central London venue.

Using unconventional methods and materials, the passionate and prolific creators showcased in this exhibition work without rules or inhibitions, free from the confines of the mainstream art world. Their spontaneous eruptions of creativity bring to life a captivating variety of scenes from memory and imagination.

Marion Duffy started painting in 2007 and soon developed a very personal style of expression. Duffy paints mysterious works on canvas that read like multi-layered stories. In Duffy’s highly detailed works, myth and magic meet, faces merge with landscapes and hidden symbols are slowly revealed.

Shafique Uddin was born in Bangladesh and emigrated to Britain at the age of nine. He has since lived and worked in East London. Memories of his early life in Bangladesh and his experiences of living in London inspire the creation of his imagery. Uddin paints daily and has developed a distinctive, lyrical style – waves of colour, painted layer upon layer, give way to figures and forms floating in lush vegetation.

‘Introducing the Outsiders’ open’s May 24 and runs until June 30.

At The Nellie Dean of Soho, 89 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 3SU

For more information contact:

Julia Elmore, Exhibition Curator tel: 07761 733683

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