Light Flight

This online exhibition of photographs and narrative by artist Penny Clare come from the far reaches of the M.E universe. 


"The photographs I have collated into the exhibition called Light flight came about where I lay in a room that, because I had a severe sensitivity to light, remained persistently darkened.


The images are actually images of nothing. They are expressions of what is left behind when everything else has been taken away. The wisps of light we witness delicately entering the room arrive through a crack in the curtain or around the edge of the door. A dance of the heart developed with these defying rays that had found their way through swathes and years of darkness with the reassurance that light can never be entirely extinguished.


My room which, on a mundane level looks like the inside of a large box, began to reveal a quantum field of multiple universes, its inhabitant transformed into a human Hubble space telescope beaming images back to Earth."


Click here to visit the complete exhibition 


Image: (c) Penny Clare, 'As feathers still fall', part of Light Flight.

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