Local Name: Unknown… Gypsies?

Drawing upon her Romany heritage and family ties to the New Forest area, Delaine LeBas explores the artefacts, imagery and hidden history surrounding the Gypsies. In this immersive environment constructed within the gallery space, the artist will recreate and occupy her own version of 'the compounds' which were makeshift structures employed by the British government to contain Gypsy families in the New Forest during the first half of the 20th century. 


Incorporating photography, film and archival material alongside textiles and costumes hand printed and embroidered by the artist, the exhibition features an evolving installation embodying individual and collective experience, and will shine a contemporary light upon the complex and disturbing story of the Gypsies throughout the UK and Europe.


When? Until 15 June 2014

Where? Phoenix Gallery, Brighton


Additionally, on Saturday 24 May, there will be an afternoon of presentations, film screenings and discussions; taking the experience and viewpoints of Gypsies and 'Outsiders' as a springboard for exploring how we perceive and represent ourselves and others through labels and imagery, both in institutional settings and in our everyday lives.


Delaine LeBas will be joined by John Maizels (Founder of Raw Vision magazine), Dr Louise Purbrick (University of Brighton), Tony Gammidge (art therapy and film) and Simon Coston (Museum of British Folklore). 


Click here for more information on the exhibition and accompanying events.

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