Mad Gyms & Kitchens at Shuffle

Mad Gyms & Kitchens is back!


Prepare to be surprised and delighted, moved and enlightened as Bobby demonstrates how she achieves that ultimate ‘wellbeing’ factor.  From working-out to chilling out, via the kitchen sink, Bobby’s wellness roadshow investigates how to get better at feeling better – cup of tea included.


“Like all Baker’s work…you leave feeling better than you came in, aware as you walk down the road whistling that what Baker is offering is not a show but a priceless gift wrapped in a theatrical box of tricks.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian on Mad Gyms & Kitchens, October 2011

Daily Life Ltd is proud to be part of Winter Shuffle Festival 2013


Performance times:

Friday 13th December, 5.30pm
Saturday 14th December, 12 midday
Tickets: £5 / £1.50
Available from


Winter Shuffle Festival, St Clements Hospital, Mile End Road, London E3 4LH

Numbers are limited so don't hang about – see you there! 

If you do miss out this time, fear not: we are touring Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets from January – June 2014. Keep an eye on the Daily Life Ltd website for upcoming Mad Gyms & Kitchens and Diary Drawings show information;
all part of The Daily Life Project.

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