Magic Carpet at RAMM

Magic Carpet's project with RAMM has now come to an end. The project has been very successful and has had plenty of positive feedback. They are planning an exhibition of artwork in the Walkway Gallery, Exeter Phoenix from 17th July – 12th August. 


The project was an exciting opportunity for Magic Carpet to work with the newly re-opened RAMM. They ran a range of arts based activities for people with mental health issues and mild learning disabilities. It introduced the group to the collections within the museum and used this process of discovery to inform their lives.  They aimed to motivate our participants to get involved in finding something and everything in RAMM's thousands of artefacts that fires their imagination, encouraging participation and engagement.
It ran from December 2011 to May 2012 and there was 35 community sessions using the collections as source material bringing social, optimistic, and life-enhancing projects to our participants. They encouraged a dialogue with their lives by asking participants to bring their own objects to workshops and to keep a sketchbook diary.

For more information and to read feedback from the artists involved go to The Magic Carpet website by clicking here.

You can also find out more about the exhibition at

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