Markus Meurer

This exhibition features objects and assemblages by Markus Meurer. Since his early youth, the outsider artist joins found materials, items and waste with the help of wire to form mysterious objects which are charged with meaning and deeply personal. After decades of artistic creation in near secrecy followed by recent exhibitions in Munster, Dusseldorf, Belgium and the Netherlands, Galerie Art Cru will present the artist's first solo show in Berlin. 


Markus' objects are an ensemble of works fallen out of time: they simultaneously feel futuristic and medieval, sacral and animistic. He doesn’t differentiate between wires, light bulbs or branches or any kind of bio, plastic, or technical waste when he combines theses materials with masterly bended wire-pieces to transform them into new creatures, vehicles or machines of all sizes (between 2cm and 2m). 


Each of the objects – which could derive directly from a steam punk movie – takes a certain function in Markus Meurer’s system: They are protecting him or are linked to the artist’s longing for his deceased parents or his children. 


Galerie Art Cru Berlin's main focus is to reduce the distance between established and outsider art. Furthermore it aims at interconnecting the artists and their scenes. 


The exhibition continues until 28 May. Click here for more information

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