Matthew Sergison-Main: Observing the Unreal

Pallant House Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of works by Matthew Sergison-Main in the Studio from 29 July – 24 August 2014. 'Matthew Sergison-Main: Observing the Unreal' will be the penultimate solo show in a series celebrating the six Award Winners of Outside In: National 2012; a triennial competition for artists from the margins.


Drawing monsters and dreams as a child, Sergison-Main never fails to be inspired by nature and the great outdoors. Keen on the Surrealists, most notably Max Ernst’s frottage pieces, he is fascinated by Mediaeval and gothic art, as well as the idea of a ‘momento mori’; a reminder of one’s mortality.


Much of his work arises from a spontaneous stream of consciousness, some of which is created by making random marks and allowing what the subconscious sees to become concrete. Sergison-Main says: “This is based on the surrealist idea of decalcomania. When I have a specific idea to convey, I will create many quick thumbnail sketches until I see one I like. Then I’ll create a pencil sketch that I will detail with ink. Sometimes I’ll use a computer to combine images or add colour.”


Like much of his work, Sergison-Main’s Award Winning Fukushima Conjuration utilises a monochrome palette. The piece, based on the Fukushima Daichii power plant disaster, depicts several druidic figures; ‘wise men’ in the process of conjuring forces to harness this power, when in fact they are doomed because of just that.   


The exhibition in the Studio will offer a selection of Sergison-Main’s iconic monochromatic pieces featuring imaginary landscapes and creatures. The Award Winner says of the show: “Winning the Outside In: National 2012 has been a big highlight in my artistic pursuits so far, and I am very excited about this opportunity.”


Image: Matthew Sergison-Main, Fungal Fruits


For more of Matthew's work, visit his Outside In gallery:

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