Aradne is a textile artist. She works in an intuitive manner allowing the work to evolve through the making process. She uses hand and machine embroidery techniques to create web-like structures which embrace and contain figurative images. Themes of freedom and relationships recur in her work. Aradne exhibited as part of Outside In: National and has now gone on to have her own solo show.

The Mindscapes exhibition at Merston will concentrate on the web-like works.  Presented free from mounts and frames the pieces will engage and captivate the viewer on a direct and immediate level. Instead of acting as a record of human experience these individual webs, large or small, will exist in the here and now interacting with the visitors current understanding of social relationships and emotions. The webs are built up over a period of time as human figures and other creatures and plants are added to the mix. The size and shape of the webs evolve and vary, unrestricted by set expectations or criteria. Some works are essentially tonal and less than joyous whilst elsewhere colour is embraced and the result is more optimistic. Aradne comments that ‘it’s almost like a stream of thoughts are somehow captured in each textile piece’.


The tendency to tangle everything up together carries over into the sketchbooks and the covers of the icon books some of which will be on display. The space where Aradne works is filled with books, mostly art books, and a whole host of artefacts which are redolent with personal history and pointers to meaning and influences in her work. The use of a web as a vehicle for expression is well chosen. A web acts as both a form of entrapment and as a comforting retreat providing all that the occupant requires. Webs can be continuously and intuitively rebuilt and act as a metaphor for stoical perseverance.


When: Tuesday 4th June, 2013 to Sunday 16th June, 2013

Where: Merston Gallery, The Old School Room, next to St Giles Church, Marsh Lane Merston nr. Chichester West Sussex, PO20 1ED

Open: Tuesday to Friday 11 – 4,  Saturday and Sunday 2 – 5, Closed Mondays

Entry is free.


To see more of Aradnes work visit: www.outsidein.org.uk/Aradne


To find out more about the Merston Gallery and how to get there visit: www.merstongallery.co.uk

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