Museum Dr. Guislain

Some time ago Outside In was approached to contribute to a book called Outsiders on the Map which explores good practices in the field of Outsider Art in 26 European Countries. Not only does it look at the places where Outsider Art is created (workshops, sheltered workshops, etc), but also the places where it is presented (museums, galleries, etc). To mark the release of the book a two-day conference has been organised in Ghent on April 26th and 27th at the Museum Dr. Guislain to celebrate the launch of the book and showcase some of the projects.

Outside In has been chosen as one of six organisations from the sixty listed in the book to make a presentation at the Museum Dr. Guislain to other groups and artists in Europe. This is a significant event and Outside In will be there to encourage people to learn bout the project and its aim for all artists to be given an equal opportunity and be represented fairly in the art world.


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