Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything: The UK’s first and only museum for art by self-taught, disabled and other non-traditional artists. They opened in 2009 and have hosted three award-winning exhibitions and been visited by over 200,000 people.

For their next exhibition, they will introduce the British public to art made by self-taught artists with disabilities – and are contacting progressive art workshops and studios around the world to ask for their help in selecting these artists.

If you are a workshop, or if you know one, or if you represent a self-taught artist with a disability, please email the MOE with details, images and any other information you have.

They are interested in every kind of atelier and program – from large studios to small family-run classrooms. With your help, Exhibition #4 will open the door to this artform being understood and curated within a contemporary art context.

Please send details to Melissa: email –; phone – +442079575325; skype – everythinguk.

Visit the Museum of Everything at

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