New adult Sunday art classes

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Frank Auerbach: Portraiture


Location: Pallant House Gallery


On Sunday 23 March 2014 two Outside In: Step Up artists will be running a workshop titled 'Frank Auerbach: Portraiture.'

Frank Auerbach created portraits by applying thick layers of paint or charcoal. He would scrape off or rub away the medium to produce lighter tones that would highlight and reveal the image of his sitter. Come and experiment with charcoal and the use of light and dark to create a portrait image.

Time: 2–4.30pm

Fee: £8



Paul Nash & Mark Gertler: Landscape


Location: Pallant House Gallery


On Sunday 8 June 2014 two Outside In: Step Up Workshop Leaders will be running an art class at Pallant House Gallery titled 'Paul Nash & Mark Gertler: Landscape.'


Examine the parallels in Paul Nash and Mark Gertler’s lives and work before taking inspiration from their landscapes to create an imaginary or dream like scene using a range of media.

Time:  2–4.30pm

Fee: £8


Both workshops will be held in the Studio at Pallant House Gallery. To book a place please call: 01243 774 557

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