New artist Step Up course to be piloted in Brighton

Project possible thanks to The Arts Society grant

Outside In has been granted funding to pilot a brand new course.
Talking About Art will join its Step Up training and professional development programme which is designed to equip participants with the skills needs to take up positions of authority within the arts sector.

It has been made possible thanks to The Arts Society Grants Committee awarding £2,615 from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund.

A spokesman for The Arts Society said it was ‘delighted to be able to support this project’ adding that it is ‘very much in line with our philosophy of improving access to the arts for everyone and encouraging new and future arts practitioners’.

Outside In provides a platform for artists who face barriers to the art world and currently represents more than 2,600 individuals.

Founder and director Marc Steene said: “For artists who may have been unemployed for a period of time due to health or social circumstance, Outside In provides an opportunity to feel engaged with society, encouraging individuals to view themselves and the future in a more positive manner.

“In addition to skills-based outcomes resulting from the training programmes, Step Up has the potential to impact upon participants’ confidence and self-esteem, mental health and wellbeing.”

The two-day course, which will have spaces for ten artists, will be piloted in Brighton and result in an event where the public will be invited to learn more about their practice.
Once the pilot has been monitored, evaluated and adjusted as needed, it will then become a permanent part of the Step Up programme.

The pilot Step Up: Talking About Art course is set to begin in September 2019, more information, including how to apply will be available at

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