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Our new featured works on the online shop have been hand-picked by Stuart Crewes who is a curator currently working with Magic Carpet Arts in Exeter. 

Stuart has said: "I’m Stuart, an artist, curator and producer. I tend to engage in site and object-sympathetic work, using material that’s already in existence in the world. I am fascinated by other artists’ ability to conjour new worlds and perspectives that are often so far from my own experience and knowledge. Work that has an immersive element, of intricacy and detail, will always draw me in. My home is an extension of my passion for the curious and particular/peculiar, my partner is a taxidermist, so we have a certain amount of ephemera on the old/dead nexus!


So, first of all, wow! The sheer diversity and breadth of work on the Outside In website is stunning. I’ve spent weeks going through the wealth on offer and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface… Some things just leap out you, and these are the works and artists that I’ve really explored. Once the ‘title image’ has hooked you, there’s the great pleasure to be found immersing yourself in the body of work and getting a better picture of the artist, their story and the intentions behind the work. The journeys that some artists have come are quite amazing and the way they have developed their work through these experiences are quite uplifting and inspiring. I found myself quite immersed in some pieces and totally captivated by the worlds conjured therein." 

Buying work from the online shop greatly increases the confidence and self-esteem of the artists who choose to align themselves with the project, often encouraging them to carry on creating work. Additionally, the small commission taken by Outside In is put straight back into the project ensuring we are able to continue to support those facing barriers to the art world.


Image: Mitsi-Brown, Be Nice

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