Project Ability is pleased to present Collected, an exhibition of artists brought together by an open call for submissions to coincide with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2011. Works for the exhibition were welcomed from artists in any medium and on any theme with the only restriction in size; all works in the exhibition are precise squares of 20x20cm. The open call for works was to involve as many artists as possible, from Project Ability artists, to partner organisations, to individuals all working creatively together to raise awareness around mental health during the festival. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the collective spirit of Project Ability as an organisation and the relationship between creative activity and wellbeing. Adopting a small scale for these works provides a challenging platform to communicate wider ideas around mental health and its relationship to artistic practice.





Exhibiting artists are J. Alexander, Debbie Allan, David Bradley, Miranda Delgai, Elaine Dockery, Pum Dunbar, John Fitzpatrick, Gilly Ferns, Saba Ferrari, Andrew Foley, Jemma Gilchrist, Tracy Gorman, Keith Guy, Edward Henry, Veronica Hudak, Marlies Hyman, Mary Johnson, Nikos Mantzios, Simon McAuley, Celine McIlmunn, Cameron Morgan, Andrea Murray, Alan Moore, Ruth Mutch, Lewis Scott, James Smith, Scott Smith, Tommy Smith, Fletcher Stobbs, Sheena Russell, Duncan Wilson and Andrew Young.


Dates: 07 Oct 2011 – 19 Nov 2011
Preview: Thursday 06 October 2011, 6pm – 9pm
Location: PA Gallery: Trongate 103
Admission: Free


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