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Disability Arts Online is a web journal that gives disabled and deaf artists, performers, film-makers, writers, and critics a place to talk about developing artistic practice and accessing the arts.
As a resource DAO offers an opportunity to share experience and to make connection with a wider community of disabled / deaf people engaged in arts and culture. DAO currently has a dedicated audience of 8,000 plus visitors per month, who visit over 24,000 pages within the journal. Our comment forums are jam-packed with juicy dialogue with our writers.
New Voices
DAO is currently advertising to recruit five deaf / disabled artists / writers for our exciting New Voices programme, which will take place in London from 5 January – 5 April 2012.

We will be working with a group of deaf / disabled people looking to develop arts writing skills and gain experience of being published. DAO is providing a specialised, arts writing course, designed to be accessible.

This will be an opportunity for disabled / deaf artists to write about the arts for DAO. We are talking to disability and mainstream arts organizations to let them know about our offer of sending DAO New Voices writers into their venues to report on arts activities taking place.

New Voices writers will have an opportunity to develop an audience, in this age where online communication about the arts and artistic practice is shaping the climate within which artists work, more than ever before.

For practising artists there will be an opportunity for to blog about their artistic practice in order to support marketing and funding applications for the work being produced.

The Program:
Each New Voices arts writer will receive a bursary of £750 to spend three months, working one day per week. To support this process writers need to attend workshops once per month over the duration, which will be run by professional writers working within the arts and media.

The workshops will run in Shape, Kentish Town on Monday 23 January, Monday 20 February and Monday 19 March 2012.

We will be asking New Voices writers to produce reviews, interviews, opinion pieces and blogs: a minimum of nine pieces of content in total.

Please download the full application submission guidelines and workshop program for this exciting opportunity from http://www.disabilityartsonline.org.uk/Opportunities?item=1289&itemoffset=11

Deadline for submissions: Monday 5 December 2011 – 1pm

What New Voices writers said about taking part in the Brighton program:
“It’s been great having my work discussed and thrown about by the others in the group, and nice to be doing it for them too”
“The highlight for me was attending the Creative Case Symposium and the Decibel Arts Showcase in Manchester, it was totally exhilarating, totally exhausting and totally exciting. Something to be treasured”
“It was a great opportunity all round. I not only got the opportunity to write pieces under the New voices commission but also to work as a working journalist reporting on three shows a day, filing copy and interviewing artists at the Decibel Showcase.”
“The discipline of learning how to put my work out there – really beneficial”
“This commission has really allowed me to spread my wings”
“It’s the progression New Voices has allowed me to make and I found the workshops great, I didn’t know what to expect but they’ve been excellent”
“As a poet and author I wanted to challenge myself to write in different styles – including journalism. I’ve achieved that”

DAO New Voices is currently funded by Arts Council England

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