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Disability Arts Online is a website that gives disabled and deaf artists a place to talk about developing their artwork and accessing the arts.

DAO welcomes artists who have been working for a few years or artists and companies that are new.

DAO helps deaf and disabled artists to:

· share their art

· discuss issues

· get encouragement and knowledge about the value of disability / deaf arts and culture

· develop as professional artists

· network with other artists

· share experiences with a wider community of disabled people who like art and culture

6,000 people read DAO every month. They look at over 20,000 pages on the website.

Our comment forums are jam-packed with juicy dialogue with our writers.

New Voices background:

If you want to develop your writing skills you can apply for a course we will be running this summer. It’s just for deaf and disabled people and we will do everything we can to make sure you get all the help you need to complete it.

Artists need to be able to write about their work so that people can find out about it. This can be your audience, other artists or the people who might like to programme your work in a gallery or theatre. Also, you might want to write about other people’s work, or shows you go to see so that people can read what you thought about it.

Through the course you will develop your writing skills and learn how you can use the internet to show your work to the widest possible audience.

The Program:

We are looking for 5 people from Brighton and the surrounding area to take part in the course. You will be asked to write three articles per month about arts events happening locally and nationally. You can decide what you write about or we can help you choose from a selection of events.

Each arts writer will receive a bursary of £750 to spend three months, working one day per week. You will need to attend all the workshops in Brighton [at the Lighthouse] on Wednesday 13 July, Thursday 18 August and Thursday 29 September 2011.

New Voices will offer arts writers:

· £750 to spend on tickets, travel and help to get to arts events

· Three workshops over a three month period

· A brief to develop three stories per month covering Disability Arts and the wider arts scene, from July to September

· Support from the DAO editor by phone and internet

· Opportunity to have arts writing published with arts publisher Culture24 and The Art Newspaper

· The opportunity to work with an organisation to get an “insider’s view” of what they do

How to apply?

If you are interested in taking part, please send us a letter of no more than 500 words. In your letter please include:

· What areas of the arts are passionate about? Eg painting, film, theatre

· What previous experience you have of being published – either online or in print?

· What access needs you may have so we can look at how best to support you?

· To help assess how much you will benefit from being part of New Voices please let us know what you want to do with the experience and skills development DAO is offering in support of your arts writing?

Please also send two pieces of your own writing that you have done recently. These pieces need to follow the guidelines below. Each piece of writing must be within the word length we have set.

A team of experts will read all the work sent in and decide who will be selected to be a New Voices writer. This team is: Chris Taylor, director of New Writing South (www.newwritingsouth.com), Richard Moss, editor, Culture24 (www.culture24.com), and Colin Hambrook, DAO editor.

Assessment criteria for your application

Work will be assessed on:

· How much you will benefit from being on the course

· How clear your writing is

· Whether your writing is exciting and keeps us wanting to read on

· How much you have thought about what you have written

· How much you understand what you are writing about

· If it sounds original

Your access needs will not form part of the assessment process. We really want people with learning disabilities to be part of the course and we will do everything we can to make it accessible for you.

Please submit a piece of writing 300 – 500 words from the following:

1. A blog entry about a visit to a recent arts event you have been to.

2. A blog entry about personal likes / dislikes relating to an artists or arts organisations’ work.

3. A review of a recent arts event you have seen or been engaged with.

4. A review of an arts programme you have been engaged with.

5. An artists’ summary about your work.

6. A summary about an artistic process you are familiar with.

7. A short interview with an artist.

8. A news feature about an arts programme being delivered by an arts organisation you know. This should include at least one quote from someone who works for the organisation

Please submit one piece of writing between 500 – 1000 words from the following:

9. An opinion piece you have written, relating to the arts in general.

10. An opinion piece relating to the development of the work of an individual artist or arts group / organisation.

11. An opinion piece about Disability Arts practice.

12. A feature which talks about the arts from the your experience as a disabled person. Eg Access issues or whether the art made you think differently about disability?

13. An artists’ statement about your own work.

14. A news feature about an arts programme being delivered by an arts organisation you know. This should include at least one quote from someone who works for the organisation.

15. An interview with an artist.

Deadline: 5pm Friday 17 June

Please send your submission to editor@disabilityartsonline.org.uk

Checklist for applications

· Letter of application including why you want to take part in New Voices – Don’t forget to include your access and communication needs.

· Piece of writing (300 – 500 words)

· Piece of writing (500 – 1000 words)

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