‘Drawing Insight’ exhibition opens in Brighton this weekend

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This September, Yvonne J Foster, Deborah Petch and Rachel Refern will be exhibiting at Brighton’s Regency Townhouse. The artists will present work that they created during the Insight Partnership along with some recent artworks. The exhibition runs from Saturday, 16 September to Sunday, 24 September 2017, 12.00 noon – 6.00 pm at The Regency Town House, 13 Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove, BN3 1EH. Admission is free and there is wheelchair access to the exhibition.’

The Insight Partnership is a collaborative project delivered by Outside In and University of Chichester. The project pairs one Outside In artist with a recent Fine Art graduate. The pair share their creative practice and experience each others way of working. They are supported by a Project Facilitator. Outside In artists Yvonne J. Foster was paired with Fine Art graduate Deborah Petch.

Today’s blog will feature images and reflections from those involved.

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Works by Deborah Petch and Yvonne J Foster

“Through conversations with Rachel and Rosie whilst being filmed in my flat I have questioned why I tend to draw portraits and people rather than landscapes. This has led me to question what I make and why.

One of the most important aspects of my work is the narrative, the story.

In order to respond to Deborah’s work I explored creating landscapes. Sometimes I found this unfulfilling as I had no emotional connection, or story to convey. By continuing to explore stitched landscapes I began to see the paper that I use and the many different processes it goes through to form a picture had a story if its own.

From every inch of white being covered, to layers being stitch together and ripped apart, it begins to have a parallel with the trails and tribulations of a journey or narrative story which that I am innately drawn to” Yvonne J Foster 


 Open Heart Surgery. Pen and thread on cardboard. Deborah Petch and Yvonne J Foster


Deborah Petch, Rachel Redfern and Yvonne J Foster 


“It has been a marvellous professional development opportunity for a graduate artist. It’s such a lonely place out there. All artists have barriers, no matter how large or small, these are, they are real. An initiative like this to show others that we all have vulnerability and tenacity. It’s taking opportunities, giving them your all, rolling with it, anticipating the next chapter and making it happen. I consider myself very lucky to have been chosen for this project, I am a more confident person for it. It has given me value and a confidence in my own voice and a determination to carry on producing my artwork whatever the circumstances, as it is who I am.” Deborah Petch 



“ It has been an extraordinary 6 months since the end of the Drawing Insight project. Only as you reflect back on an experience can you see more clearly the impact it has had on you as an individual but also your working practice as an artist. As the facilitator my focus was less on the making of work so when the project finished I had a burst of energy to create having not had the capacity to do that during the project. What emerged was a different way of working, having produced large scale colourful  paintings for my MA watching Yvonne work had encouraged me to look at the miniature, how the small things both creatively and in life really do matter. The lines of each piece of work became paired back and simple, almost the opposite of Debs large scale drawing on Cissbury Ring. Two stand out paintings I’ve produced are ‘The Trundle’ and ‘Broken Silence’, miniatures at 10cm x 10cm in black and white that have been accepted for the 25th National Open Art Exhibition this Autumn. ‘Broken Silence’ represents for me the conversations I never had around a family tragedy that Drawing Insight gently allowed me to explore, questions that needed answering only by me. Having had the opportunity to do that I have felt able to move forward on personal goals like training to be a coach and setting up a new interior products joint venture that will take my art to new places. I am extremely thankful to both Deborah and Yvonne for the time we spent together, what I learnt is woven through everything I now do, from the logo of my new company which is ‘The Trundle’ image drawn on site with Deborah to the coaching philosophy of maintaining a healthy relationship both with yourself and those around you. Yvonne had an extraordinary tool box to help her cope with life events, six months on I have done my best to put that in place for myself. Without Drawing Insight that would not have been possible.” Rachel Redfern 

Rachel - The Trundle

Rachel Redfern, The Trundle


Exhibition at Regency Town House, Brighton 16 – 24 September 2017.

Meet the Artist – There will be an opportunity to talk with Yvonne J Foster on
Wednesday 20 September 12:00-6:00pm
Sunday 24 September 12:00-6:00pm 

Conversation Event –  Join us for an open conversation about the positive impact of Art on Health and Wellbeing
Monday 25 September from 12.00-3:00pm booking via eventbrite

Filmmaker Rosie Powell captured the partnership as it developed and her short film was included as part of the original exhibition. Click here to watch video 

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  1. Tanya Wood

    What a marvellous insight into the varying and fascinating journeys of artists. This project has it seems enriched the work of all three participants leading to deep and fulfilling new art work. Looking forward to the exhibition and events. Congratulations to you all
    Tanya Wood

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