Fast is fine but accuracy is final

Project Ability is presenting 'Fast is fine but accuracy is final'; a two-person exhibition of paintings by Glasgow based artist Charlie Hammond alongside new works by Project Ability Aspire artist Tommy Mason. 


The uncommon pairing of these two artists looks to question the dichotomy between art that is made in supportive settings as being pure, authentic activity and that which is made with a heightened awareness of a viewing public and weighted by a legacy of art history and theory. 


The exhibition considers various aspects of art production, from the conditions of play in studio practice, to the different settings and contexts of making. By finding common ground and parallels within both artists' approaches, the aim is to contribute to the debate around the criteria and terminology of  'Outsider Art.'


The title for this exhibition returns to the original site of much of Tommy Mason's imagery – the American Old West – and is a quote attributed to Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp. This relationship to the speed of execution is true in both artists work, whilst their rudimentary figuration has an accuracy of its own.


The exhibition will run from 25 July – 29 August 2015 at Project Ability, Glasgow. Click here for more information.    

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