Hybrid Making – New Work from Australia, Canada & Scotland

Dates: 07 Mar 2014 – 29 Mar 2014
Location: PA Gallery, Trongate 103, G1 5HD
Admission: Free


With Glasgow’s forthcoming Commonwealth Games Festival 2014, this exhibition sits within a year-long strand of associated events happening throughout the city to celebrate Scotland’s cultural heritage. Artists from three nations, Australia, Canada and Scotland, will be showing works exploring language, community and the relationship between three organisations with a shared objective working in different parts of the world. The exhibition will explore a renewed and critical reflection on the Commonwealth festival and represent our heritage as organisations with both Arts Project Australia and Project Abilitycelebrating 40 year and 30 year anniversaries in 2014.


Project Ability aims to be a diverse and visionary contribution to the fabric of contemporary art in Scotland and we would like this to be a distinctive exhibition, in which artists with disabilities and their impressions are valued and displayed in the context of an international festival.


Artists have been chosen from each organisation to undertake a project with starting points taken from popular culture questioning the embodiment of collective values and national identity.


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