James Smith ‘Steampunk Chassis’


Project Ability is pleased to present the first exhibition of a unique set of sculptures hand-made and upcycled by ReConnect artist James Smith.


These remodelled and reconstructed tanks have a distinctly steampunk feel to them. ‘Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.’ Gears, cogs, exhaust pipes and weaponry can be found in abundance all over these vehicular constructions.


Although they arrive in numbers, they are all one of a kind and each have their own individual characteristics. They are an army, and bring to mind the fantasy world of Warhammer and the artillery that accompanies it. They also speak of the artist's love of American diesel locomotives, chassis and steam engines. These steam punk tanks are small but mighty. Children and adults of all ages will have their imaginations working overdrive at the possibility of play and power rolled up into each of these sculptural tanks.

Project Ability are delighted to be the first venue to share these dark but playful, incredibly detailed works of art. They are the culmination of several months of making by the artist, who is also a talented painter. James creates his work at the Project Ability ReConnect studio and also at home, effortlessly using the drive and fascination he has towards his subjects as fuel for his artistic practice. 

The exhibition runs from 3 – 18 Juen 2016


Not to be missed!

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