Outside In Surgery Days


Would you like to join the growing number of UK artists who are promoting their work on the Outside In web site with an option to submit work for the forthcoming Outside In exhibitions but don’t know how to get started?  You can now book a “surgery” session at Project Ability.


We are running one to one help sessions on Thursday the 5th, 12th, 19th April 2012 and 3rd May 2012

We can help you photograph your work, load the picture onto the site and write a personal statement. 

You can submit 2 works to the Outside In selection committee.  Project Ability will store the work in our Centre until the selection has been made.

There are three time slots available on each day 1 – 2pm, 2-3pm, 3 – 4pm.

Please contact Project Ability on 0141 552 2822 or email info@project-ability.co.uk to reserve your slot.

There is no charge and you do not need to attend Project Ability’s classes in order to attend the surgery day.

NB: Further to these, there will be some further Surgery Days organised in Perth and Dundee.

For more information visit: www.project-ability.co.uk

And to see a list of more Surgery Days visit the Outside In news and events page.

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