Project Ability

17th April, 2 – 4pm at Project Ability, Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD


Funded by The Heritage Lottery and delivered in partnership with C-Change, Project Ability invites you to the launch of


Over the last twelve months a remarkable group of people have come together to make art, learn new skills, tell their stories, rekindle friendships, remember and immortalise in words and images the story of Lennox Castle Hospital.


The stories span many years.  Some people went to the “castle” in the 1950’s and 60’s leaving when it finally closed in 2002.  The individual stories have been captured on paper, in words, in print and on film and now this important contemporary collection of memories can be found on


Join them for an afternoon of conversation, hear how the project developed, what they have learnt and the participants’ stories.

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