The ReSearch Room Presents…

As a strand of the volunteering programme, the ‘ReSearch Room’ offered an opportunity for professional artists to be involved with Project Ability, through a residency that engaged them with their artists.


The ‘ReSearch Room’ provided supported studio space for these unique exchanges to take place. This initiative was about bringing artists together to form a unique partnership, one in which they can work together on an equal footing; sharing, experimenting and learning not only from each other’s practices but also from their individual life experiences.

The project set no brief or boundaries; these were designed, negotiated and re-negotiated around the individuals involved.  The outcomes of these unique partnerships proved to be both varied and fantastic in nature. This Exhibition showcases partnerships between Kevin Cantwell and John Cocozza and between James McCann and Rehan Yusuf, Jane Fisher and Lorraine Rainoir Clark.


It continues until 21 November 2015.


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