Three solo showcases at Project Ability

Project Ability is pleased to present three Solo Showcases by artists Rehan Yousef, Ewan Malloy and Harriet Campbell.


The Revenge of the Bubblegums by Rehan Yousef
Opening Wednesday 22 April 1-2pm
Exhibition 22 April-2 May


Rehan Yousef attends Project Ability’s Aspire programme where he makes highly energetic figurative works in his own unique style of surface variety and oddness of image. These line drawings often emerge from earlier layers of colour and are made up of continuous lines detouring around the page. For the first time, Yousef has narrated these works with stories about their starting points, the characters and stories within; these additional narratives offer an exclusive insight into his distinctive process.


Collages by Ewan Malloy
Opening Wednesday 6 May 1-2pm
Exhibition 6-16 May
Late opening Thursday 7 May 6 – 8pm

Ewan Malloy attends Project Ability’s Aspire programme where he industriously creates layered collages from whatever he has to hand; cardboard, paper, paint, photocopies, discarded drawings and other offcuts. Malloy compiles the detritus of a visual art workshop into organised images. He creates impressive visual and tactile material, using loose and impulsive methods that represent individual moments of creativity.


Total Drama Island by Harriet Campbell
Opening Wednesday 20 May 1-2pm
Exhibition 20-30 May  


Harriet Campbell attends Project Ability’s Art Matters programme where she makes works about everything Total Drama Island; a Canadian animated television series set in a fictional reality show following the competition of 22 teenagers at an imaginary island located in Ontario. Campbell’s paintings depict the characters as kissing couples fulfilling the artist’s own romantic visions for the characters and plotline.


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