Young Talent celebrates work created by young people

Each year Young Talent showcases and celebrates the artwork created by children and young people from the Create Programme, now in its 15th year. For 2015 they are presenting a diverse selection of painting, drawing, sculpture and film from their Saturday Visual Arts Programme for children and young people aged 5-21 and their Art Matters Programme for young people aged 21-28.


Young Talent provides Project Ability’s youngest artists with a unique platform to display their creative achievements, produced in their workshops through experimentation with multi-layered artistic practices and methods. Each year the young artists produce a distinctive collective display which punctuates the year with a colourful playground of artwork of different techniques and visions, a wealth of experimentation, innovation and adventure.


Project Ability’s Create Programme engages children and young people with disabilities with a wide range of creative activities including visual arts, film and new media. The programme includes evening and weekend workshops, one-off projects, events, film screenings and exhibitions. All of their activities are tailored to the individuals they work with and are fully inclusive. They work with individuals, families, schools, voluntary sector groups and other arts organisations with a target participant age group of 5 – 25 years.


For more information on the exhibition, please click here.

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