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Next Month an exhibition opens at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester which will present the results of the Insight Partnership. Deborah Petch and Rachel Redfern, recent graduates of the MA Fine Art programme at the University of Chichester and Yvonne J Foster, a Brighton-based Outside In artist have been working together to experience each other’s ways of working and to produce new artwork created in partnership. Outside In Communications Officer, Harry Scott, takes a look at what is to come.

As the Insight Partnership’s four-month period of collaboration draws to a close, I was fortunate enough to attend a special event where the three artists shared their work for the first time to a room of invited guests. The audience was made up largely of students from the University of Chichester’s creative writing programme, who were tasked with composing a written response to the project.

I have been following the Insight Partnership since October, when the artists first met. The three of them have all used image-based social media platform Instagram to record the partnership and I’ve enjoyed the glimpses I’ve seen of the project progressing, through snaps of the artists’ meetings and their experiments in the studio. The creative writing students, on the other hand, were approaching the work with entirely fresh eyes. They viewed the artists’ work, saw images that had inspired them and listened to each of the three artists as they spoke candidly about their lives, their experiences and the challenges that this project presented.



In teaming an Outside In artist with a Fine Art graduate, the purpose of the Insight Partnership is to offer each artist an insight into someone else’s creative process. Rachel has been working in the role of facilitator, enabling Yvonne and Deborah to find common ground. Both artists have very different approaches to creating art; Deborah’s work is large in scale while Yvonne works in miniature; Yvonne pens intricate line drawings while Deborah paints in broad brushstrokes. They have, however, embraced their differences and the artworks on display, both tiny and vast, share a common visual language. Together they have created panoramas, works that roll or concertina out and play with scale.


At the close of our afternoon together, the artists, writing students and guests reflected on what we’d seen and heard. The students read their compositions aloud; a mixture of poetry and prose. It was wonderful to hear the results and I was fascinated by what elements of the project had inspired each writer. These were first responses, written within an hour or so, and it is hoped that some of the pieces of writing will be developed and included in the final exhibition. It will certainly add another dimension to the exhibition and provide further insight into this creative collaboration.

Drawing Insight will be at Pallant House Gallery from 1 March to 26 March 2017.


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