Exhibition review: Four favourites from the Mayor’s Charities Art Exhibition

Laura Miles finds the current exhibition at the Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester, to offer an eclectic and interesting mix. The Mayor’s Charities Art Exhibition sees pieces by Stonepillow clients and University of Chichester post graduates displayed alongside creations by councillor Martyn Bell’s ‘favourite artists’ and Somboon Hormtientong.


Dnaiel Martirossian - Tarry, charcoal on paper

Daniel Martirossian – Tarry, charcoal on paper

Despite art being extremely subjective, there is something very refreshing about an exhibition being curated purely on individual taste. Perhaps more so here because the choices by Mr Bell cover a wide range of materials, subjects and scales.

It seemed fitting, due to the nature of the exhibition – which runs until this Sunday (28 October) – to throw out the invisible art rule book and just let my gut lead the review.

Pick 1 – This large scale portrait by university graduate Daniel Martirossian greets you on entry, meaning it not only literally invites you in but the detail draws you in too. The obvious expert touch provides a contrast to what feels like an unconventional, documentary-esque, portrait and this gives it a real sense of power.

Pick 2 – David Souter’s acrylic painting of Goodwood caught my eye as the bright colours captured the atmosphere of the racing while the figures seem to resemble Lowry’s work.
It feels like the colour balance has been turned up on the iconic paintings while the local link and relatable subject matter made it connect with me as a viewer.

Vincent Gray - Bernstein, bronze

Vincent Gray – Bernstein, bronze

Pick 3 – Thanks to his sculpture of Keats which adorns a bench at the end of East Street, Vincent’s work is likely to be known by many around the city. While I am among these people, I felt like I was discovering his work for the first time at Oxmarket. Alongside Bernstein was a smaller scale piece of the Keats work and a life-sized soldier which helped aid this fresh perspective. The reason I have chosen the Berstein piece is the sense of movement and expression which makes it stand apart from the traditional bronze works.

Lucy Carter - Balance and Banana Split, digital prints

Lucy Carter – Balance and Banana Split, digital prints

Pick 4 – The fact I was drawn to these digital prints by university student Lucy Carter won’t be a surprise to anyone who either knows me, or has seen my wardrobe. However it wasn’t just the colourway that appealed, the graphic style, familiar subject matter and composition all played a part. And, for what it is worth, the names made me smile too.

The Oxmarket is a volunteer-run charity art gallery located in central Chichester.
The Mayor’s Charities Art Exhibition runs until 28 October.
To find out more, click HERE

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  1. Waltraud Pospischil

    The Outside In blogs and updates are all really meaningful for me. I feel part of your ‘family’ now, it is an amazing exhibition!

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