Hotel chain’s art project aims to a be ‘force for good’

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Two Outside In artists are part of a year-long exhibition by Project Art Works and Premier Inn.

Michelle Roberts – a former Outside In winner who also had work in the recent Sotheby’s exhibition – joins Jonathan Rogers and six other artists in having previously unseen artwork displayed at hotels across the south.

Michelle with her mother Jennie Roberts

Michelle Roberts pictured with her mum Jennie at the project launch

Beatrice Vears, head of brand marketing at Premier Inn, said: “The paintings bring a really vibrant and stimulating new element to our hotel lobbies and I hope that our guests will be inspired by them, just as we are.”

She added: “Using our hotel walls to celebrate and share Project Art Works’ stories is something we are delighted to do.”

The artwork, which has been created during sessions at Project Art Works’ studio, forms part of Premier Inn’s ‘Force For Good’ programme which aims to deliver a wide range of positive community, environmental and employment activities.

Prior to the eight paintings going on display in Premier Inn hotels and offices, they were showcased at an event in London on July 4.

Jonathan Rogers and his sister Penny Davenport

Artist Jonathan Rogers and his sister Penny Davenport at the launch

Michelle’s work has been selected for the Newhaven Premier Inn and Jonathan’s is at Maidstone’s.

Director at Project Art Works Kate Adams MBE said: “The process of working with Premier Inn has been hugely impressive. They have taken such care in choosing the final selection of paintings with us and in their valuing of the artists and makers who created them. This is a significant partnership and collaboration for Project Art Works and has exceeded our expectation in terms of its depth and potential impact.

“The chosen artists, makers and their families are delighted that the artworks will be seen by so many people. It is such a positive initiative that is celebratory and supportive of their lives and work.”


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