HOUSE Festival and Artist Open Houses in Brighton

Throughout May Outside In has two exhibitions in Brighton. ‘Home Away From Home’, by Thompson Hall, features a newly commissioned set of paintings around re-imagined views through windows. This exhibition, at The Regency Town House, is a co-commissioned work that is part of HOUSE Festival and will be open from April 30-29 May 2016. Alongside this four Outside In artists have explored the theme ‘Who Are You?’ in an exhibition forming part of Artists Open Houses at The Wellbeing Gallery on Western Road – our third time showcasing artists with this gallery. This exhibition will be open every weekend across May and features two workshops by the exhibiting artists.


Thompson Hall’s work at the Regency Townhouse. Photograph by Andy Hood

In ‘Home Away From Home’ at the Regency Townhouse Thompson has re-imagined views from his home in North London and views from his visits to Brighton, including from the renowned Regency Town House where the exhibition will be shown. He works intuitively in a variety of media, specialising in acrylic paint and pastel. His work begins with observational sketches from the urban landscape, providing the basis for artwork that depicts the world as seen by Thompson.


Thompson Hall by his favourite piece. Photograph by Andy Hood

Rather than an accurate re-creation, Thompson prefers to convey a mood with carefully mixed colours chosen to capture a visual equivalent to a particular emotional or spiritual state rather than depicting true-to-life colours. Thompson said that he wanted the paintings to “give the feeling of being somewhere else, besides your home, and the mixed emotions this creates.”

To find out more about Thompson’s exhibition click here


A piece from the room upstairs. Photograph by Nigel Green

‘Who Are You’ at the Wellbeing Gallery features thought-provoking work by Outside In artists Yap, Stephen Hawthorne, Stephen Humphrey and Luc Raesmith. The exhibition looks at how a diverse range of artists engage with the story of oneself through a variety of mediums including painting, drawing and assemblage. The artists all share strong autobiographical elements within their art work. Their work and their stories are a powerful message of the way that making art can help our health and well-being.

Stephen Humphrey_1

CCK by Stephen Humphrey

We have focused on exhibiting artist Stephen Hawthorne who is based in Brighton and has traveled the world painting using oil pastels on reclaimed materials, creating expressive organic portraits of the people and friends he meets along the way.

To show the different sides of each personality he takes a shaken photograph and “looks for the serendipitous happy accident of different expressions”  and then paints that photo using a grid method. Stephen says, “Painting or carving every day, I treat art as a meditation. These portraits were painted in a time of great turmoil in my life when I was made homeless and I painted over 100 portraits while sitting on the streets of Brighton.”


Punky Rob by Stephen Hawthorne

As painting has helped Stephen so much he has said “I want to inspire everyone to create art in whatever way they can, as it can help to take you away to a place where no problems can reach you and all your fears and worries can be washed away.”

Karen – “I met Karen at a spoken word club in the early 90’s and she has been my best friend ever since. She helped me to save my accommodation when I messed up by letting too many homeless friends stay in my flat. She helped to sort all my paper work and earned the nickname ‘admin girl’ from me, for her super powers in saving me so many times.”

karen by stephen

Karen by Stephen Hawthorne

To find out more about ‘Who Are You?’ click here 


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