The Black & White European Outsider Art exhibition in Amsterdam

5615 || 1965 || Breakdance || £60 || 3962

Artist Jan Arden recently traveled to Amsterdam to present work in a group exhibition at the Outsider Art Gallery, part of the prestigious Hermitage museum. The exhibition brings together artist from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands who create monochrome artworks in pen, pencil, ink, charcoal or paint. It continues until 24 September 2017.

We are delighted to share a poem about this experience that Jan wrote especially for the Outside In blog.

I flew across the sea to see old Amsterdam that beckoned me
amidst the trams and cycle tracks I sent forth pictures white and black.
The artist call for works that were of dark design rich birosphere
that depth dysfunction on display my wretched mind that conjure thee.

All artists present did laugh and dance emotional happen chance
the symbols lines and happy faces dreaming now of distant places.
We withall did cherish talk of our lives and awkward walk onlookers smiles
and much debate i listened saw but stayed on course.

Such variety and sketchy prose what of stories I dont know
just taking time to rid my heart of trauma deep sad and dark.
Receptive minds and healing hearts flowing ink making its mark
paper big paper tall self contained feeling small.

And in the rush to realise the time seemed to just flow by
my mind my heart all aglow in cityscape don’t you know.
So to Van Gogh Museum trail a troubled mind afflicted hell
torment and paint pictures true to inspire life anew.

The canals rivers and magic eleven bikes bridges seventh heaven
Waterlooplein flea market place with gifts galore smiling face.
With drinks and food tourists afoot trams buses root toot toot
the sun did shine and cool was the breeze at last to rest my heart at ease.

And so my time on old city steps comes to a close oh holy depth
dig out thy tears and remembrance for cherished times well kept.
Outsider art whats the ruse happy face in the news
A roll a swell a last farewell then on into the night.

Jan in Amsterdam

Jan Arden with his drawing in the Black & White European Outsider Art exhibition

Visit Jan’s Outside In online gallery

Visit the Outsider Art Gallery, Amsterdam’s website


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