Northgate School

orthgate School is a specialist school for young people suffering with mental health challenges. The school caters for young people spanning from ages 13 to 18. Some of the students are psychiatric patients living in two adolescent units that lie adjacent to the school at ‘The Beacon Centre’. The rest are day students who come from home.


Northgate is no usual school. Pupils are encouraged to channel their emotions and experiences into inspiration for their work. From the sophisticated observation to the sarcastic remark, each and every idea is valued.


The atmosphere at Northgate is shining through despite all the difficulties- it embraces each pupil’s struggle as it adopts all into its family.


In order to fully understand how special Northgate School is, you’d have to experience it first-hand. Just look at the contradictions that are conquered each day. While one pupil studies for the International Baccalaureate, another is compiling beautiful poetry, written from experience of that side of life that no child should ever see.


At Northgate, clinical staff mix with educational staff to support the young people. The three classrooms are always bustling with activity, and there’s an injection of energy that the apathy of mental illness had once washed away for its pupils.


Art has proven to be an excellent way for the students to express what they are feeling and tell some of their stories. We have a media specialist who comes in every week and has made an array of outstanding and very moving films with the students. Our walls are covered in somewhat haunting and beautifully honest poems and art works. The students always have very unique and wonderful creative ideas to share.


Every year we have an exhibition work at the school where the young people get to show there families and friends a piece of there journey. This year we would like to take the exhibition to a public gallery. We want to do this to coincide with 'Children in Need Week' which will be the first week of November. We want to raise awareness about mental health, about the school and think it would be very positive and rewarding for the students to see there work in a public art space. If there are any galleries that would be interested in seeing the work we do and allowing us to create an exhibition, then please contact Athy at for the attention of (Denise Sherwood).

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