Online Meeting Space For Outside in artists

‘The Meeting’ by Outside In artist Waltraud Pospischil

Following the success and popularity of our Share Art online events and digital courses, Outside In is looking into setting up regular and informal Zoom meetings, giving artists a chance to get together, share or create work and exchange ideas. We would welcome hearing your views on this idea and how often ideally you think the online meetings should take place e.g. weekly, every other week? And is there a favourite day or time of the day? 

We will keep you posted on news via the website, social media and newsletters, but if you would like to put forward any thoughts or ideas, please contact Hannah on or 07903 028270.

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  1. Helen

    Could be good.I attened a talk by the disability arts on line for collage and Wisling arts.Found it well research historically and currant practise and was really inspiring.

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  2. Waltraud Pospischil

    It was a great event. I loved talking about my art, also where I use it as illustrations to my writing and images for my poetry.

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