Online Workshop – Connecting to the Earth and Environment

We are very pleased to deliver our next online workshop, which has been designed by Outside In artist Samantha Sugars. The workshop looks at our connections with the earth and our surrounding environment, and incorporates methods like meditation, dance, movement, and play.

The workshop starts with a series of invitations – which you are able to take up as you wish. Please download the below attachment for these invitations.

If you would like to read about Samantha’s own creative experiment using the starting points outlined above, please download the document below.

To see more of Samantha’s work related to these invitations, please click here to visit a Dropbox folder containing a number of images, short film clips and audio files.

You can also see more of Samantha’s visual work (images and short video clips) on her Outside In online gallery – click here to visit!

If you would like to find out more about the way Samantha works, here is a list of external references and resources you might like to check out:

Meditation and Yoga


Growing and harvesting


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