Opportunity: Share Art online – 27th May 2020

Artist Chris Peskett at a pre-lockdown Share Art event at Fabrica, Brighton.

Our first Share Art online event at the end of April was a great success, with an audience joining on Zoom to see and hear presentations by seven Outside In artists. We are pleased to announce that our next Share Art online event has now been scheduled and will be taking place on Wednesday 27th May, 1:30pm – 3:00pm.

If you would like be one of the Outside In artists presenting work at the digital event or to join the audience on Zoom, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch with Hannah on hannah.whitlock@outsidein.org.uk or on 07903 028270.

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  1. Helen Roeten

    I love it and would be happy to be one of the artists. I will write email. Its great that we can connect with the world online for now in real life its hard. I hope you are all well and safe. Great initative .
    Big hug, Helen

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  2. Mark Noble

    An artist is a fantastic opportunity and thank you give us a chance that’s wonderful opportunity to share I love art and the Showcase the work we do as artists and it’s great to correspond especially in lockdown I have been working myself from home ma from my own Art studio what’s going thank you for the opportunity yours sincerely more

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