Outside In – An intern’s perspective

Hello everyone! My name is Irene Santoro I’m an Italian girl passionate about art history and languages and I currently am an Intern at Outside In. I’ve studied Foreign Languages and Art History at the University in Italy and my dream is to work in a museum!

Irene Santoro

How did I get here?

 About a year ago I started looking for a place in Europe to go to after my graduation, I wanted to apply for the Erasmus + Traineeship, a programme financed by the European Union that gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to travel and do an internship wherever they like in Europe. I thought that this programme was a really great opportunity for a new adventure! I came across Outside In when researching online for organisation in England and going through the website I found Outside In’s goals both inspiring and challenging, exactly what I was looking for! So, I decided to get in touch and hope for the best!

A year on, having graduated in Art History, finally 1 May 2019 was here and my new adventure with Outside In could begin. Three weeks in,  I want to share my experience  so far with all the people out there interested in, or involved with, Outside In.

Irene is staying in Chichester, where one of the Outside In offices is based

Inside Outside In from an outsider perspective

The first few days were spent meeting the team and getting to know each other. Everyone made some time to sit with me and explain their job and coming up with stuff for me to do that’d be both helpful for them and inspiring for me – luckily it wasn’t hard to do because all the work of the organisation is inspiring and interesting!

I’ve studied art and heritage for a long time but Outside In deals with artists and their needs, something that is usually overlooked in this field, were usually most of the attention is concentrated on the creation rather than the creator and their background. So it is already clear this experience with Outside In can provide me with an important change of perspective on the career I am pursuing.

Working with Outside In so far has been great, there are all sorts of thing to do, from planning an exhibition and writing content for website and social media to engaging directly with artists and their work.

I’ve been working alongside exhibitions coordinator Cornelia on the upcoming exhibitions, in particular the one dedicated to Friedrich Nagler which is opening next month at the Hove Museum and Art Gallery. This has included selecting and cataloguing the artworks of this amazing artist and learning about his story and now I am looking forward to assisting with the install and seeing this exhibition open!

I’ve been also working with Laura in communications for social media and the website,  Ann in fundraising and with Marc planning another exhibition coming up in the autumn. Everything so far has been interesting and challenging and I am looking forward to work with everyone else of the team.

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