Outside In Artist Aidan Moesby

Outside In Artist Aidan Moesby was commissioned by the first Wakefield Literary Festival to make a new piece for the inaugural exhibition. ‘Nurturing’ was completed whilst Aidan was undertaking a residency at The Art House. It was shown together with some Letterpress prints which explore the relationships between people and place and each other. It will continue until mid-November.


Aidan has also been commissioned to work with the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds. Aidan will take part in their period of organisational development, giving creative input into their approach to diversity by making creative responses to their programme, ethos and venue. Aidan is particularly interested in how people interact within and relate to spaces and is very much looking forward to frequenting the theatre over the coming months.

For more information, you can visit Aidan’s website: www.aidanmoesby.co.uk

Or you can visit his Outside In Gallery: www.outsidein.org.uk/aidan-moesby


Image Credit: Aidan Moesby, Virtuous Circle Viscious Circle

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