Outside In at the Brighton Art Fair

Brighton Art Fair is returning to the Brighton Dome from 26 – 28 September. The fair offers visitors the opportunity to buy original and exceptional art direct from over 100 contemporary artists, and this year, the Outside In team are very pleased to be having a stall!


Outside In will be representing the following artists at the Fair:


Stacey Fish is inspired by seeing things that she can draw and by looking at books. She tends to use bright colours and when she gets started, she works very quickly.


Anthony Stevens' trademark stitch-work is inspired by Nicherin Buddhism and Punk Rock and is imbued with meaning; right from the fabric he chooses to the pattern he overlays it with.


Jack Haslam's work is about friendship, loyalty and control, with his love for animals a major influence in his life.


Mitsi Brown's subjects can verge on the disturbing, dark or humorous side, evoking the enormous emotional force and beauty within the human mind.


Linda Bell is keen to collaborate whilst creating work and enjoys exploring the relationship between herself, her work and the viewer or collaborator, sharing the playing experience.


Aradne stitches automatically straight onto the fabric using hand and machine embroidery techniques on fine muslin.


David Bradley's emotional portraits are a depiction of the varied feelings he has experienced, which help him to visualise certain periods of his life.


Terence Wilde approaches his work in much the same way as meditation: phone off, music selected, and some reflection. 


You can see the line-up of other artists and arts organisations taking part here.


We'd like to offer you the chance to buy two tickets to the fair for the price of one. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please click here.


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