Outside In at the Paris Outsider Art Fair

Pallant House Gallery is delighted to announce that Outside In will be taking part in this year’s Paris Outsider Art Fair. Our stall is very kindly being sponsored by Charles and Jans Rolls. Originally founded in New York, the Fair first came to Paris last year to critical acclaim. This year, from 23 – 26 October, it will return to Hotel le A in Paris, with an array of exceptional works by artists facing barriers to the art world.


We will be representing the work of four artists at the Fair:


Jan Arden
Jan Arden sees shapes and forms all around, and looks for inspiration in nature and other cultures; particularly African, Ancient Celtic and South American shamanic culture as well as Native American medicine and ancient Egyptian mystery art work. Starting with a ‘blind’ scribble of lines and shapes, Jan will at times produce a form from memory or dreams, or on occasion from books, the internet and newspapers. His most recent work has been a gradual process, with Jan only resuming his creative practice again in 2009.


Kate Bradbury
Kate Bradbury’s art career began some years ago in a run-down house in North London, when she began intuitively making pictures and sculptures from the abandoned belongings of former tenants. Unearthing a roll of thin Chinese paper and a well of black ink, an unforeseen tide of repetitive image and pattern-making promptly began. Kate also began making sculptures from salvaged litter found around the house and out on the streets.


Manuel Bonifacio
At a young age, Manuel Bonifacio joined the fire brigade as a volunteer and his life’s ambition was to be in the army. Many of his works reflect his passion for army transportation, depicting helicopters, aeroplanes, motorbikes and boats. His work is also inspired by politics and everything he sees on television, but most of it comes straight from his colourful imagination.


Chaz Waldren
Chaz Waldren has a unique style that is infused with a decorative folk art quality and religious symbolism. Intensely personal, each piece is connected to his wife Sally and their life together, along with his strong Christian beliefs. His work focuses on the fundamental importance of human relationships, either as reality or aspiration, and his openness to non-traditional materials is characteristic of art that has sidestepped convention. 


The Outsider Art Fair, founded in 1993 by Sandy Smith in New York, was the first art fair specific to self-taught art created outside the mainstream. Today, under the ownership of Wide Open Arts, both the New York edition and the more recently conceived Paris event are lauded as critical and commercial successes, with top dealers representing work by both emerging and established artists, and a passionate collecting community in attendance.


For more information on the Fair itself, click here.


Image: Chaz Waldren, All Creatures Great and Small


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